Upside Down World Bali

bali world upside down kitchen

You and your friends could visit the upside-down world in Bali, honestly, it is fun and a whole new and different experience for the both of you would love to see that place that charges 100,000 rupiahs just for the entrance fee. It is a lovely and great experience… All in all, you will get some great memory pictures.

  1. Upside down world laundry
©Photos from Upside Down FB Page

©Photos from Upside Down FB Page

2. Market

3. Livingroom.

4. Library

©Photos from Upside Down FB Page

5. Kitchen

6. Kids play room

©Kids play room

7. Fortune teller

8. Bathroom

9. Casino

10. Bedroom


11. In the living room and bathroom


©Photo from Upside Down-FB Page

BONUS Photo +
How To -Create Photo That Make World Turned Upside Down

Upside down house bali


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