Unreal news: Blockades from fear of Coronavirus Outbreak happening in China

The World Health Organization said the virus represents a risk outside of China. The United States reported its first case of person-to-person transmission.

Right now the number of deaths in China reaches 213, while confirmed infections near 10,000.

Road blockades are built-in panic in an attempt to stop the #CoronaOutbreak

Chinese government solution to decrease infection

They are isolating the infected, so they cannot spread the virus to other people … but before it was with wood, now it is with iron! they want the infected to starve to death! #coronavirus #nCoV2019

A car tries to pass the barrier #coronavirus #CoronaOutbreak

#coronavirus spreads In China supermarkets

Zhou Xianwang, mayor of #Wuhan, says in an interview that local government can only disclose info about the epidemic after the central government OKs it, indicating that he had reported the epidemic to the central government, which held the info until Jan 20. #coronarovirus

Road “human”blockades

People are fighting for food


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