Top Photo HILLARIOUS Selfie "Bombs" [25 Photos]

Here we have given a special try when digging deep in our old Archives to find & share with you those diamonds classics of real old humor photos of awkward situations that happened to many people when they have try to make a photo-shot selfie. Enjoy!

It’s 2 bad we don’t have audio 🙂

1. photo bomb

Jealousy caught on photo

Do you want to take a selfie with me? YES OF COURSE!said the shark! 🙂

Every time I want to take a photo of my dog…

Say Cheese!

It’s photo mania (and photoshop)

LOL photo bomb

Yes, another cat photobomb! 🙂

Ah those cats!


Dog? You?

Man, look at how we look “similar” You must be my long line Cousin. 😀

Photobomb level:Man

Nice flowers you have there for me to eat them! brrr

Yeah I’m ready… Shot!

Hi, Mama!


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