Top 10 Unusual Animal Pets

We see every day millions of cats & Dogs pics everywhere as the most preferred human pets. But a Hyena and other exotic animals?

They are also known as Gadawan Kura, and they are the real horror of Nigeria because besides being a very dangerous group of gang members walking the most unsafe roads, in this region of Africa, they are accompanied by their horrible “pets”. : Hyenas!

Sterrin Smalbrugge is a Dutch ecologist and herpetologist, After learning of the death of her hero Steve Irwin as a young child, Sterrin made a promise to Steve and to herself to pursue a life of wildlife conservation. Sterrin has worked in Ivory Coast studying the effects of climate change on crocodilian species, and she has also studied the relationship between habitat characteristics and diversity of reptiles in South Africa. Link to her Instagram page here

Deep in the heart of Western Thailand, where the River Kwai weaves through the rich green jungle, the monks of the Wat Pa Luang Ta Bua Temple are beginning their day.

a tiger cub orphaned by poachers was brought to the temple years ago.

The abbot cared for her and, as word spread, more people brought sickly and orphaned cubs to the temple’s doorstep. Those cubs went on to have their own cubs, and nine years on there are now 34 tigers living here. More from the story here.

 life of Hedren and her then-husband Noel Marshall is cataloged and shows them sharing their LA house with the giant feline, who was called Neil. More pieces of information about the story here on this link.

A child bravely playing on the back of a large snake as his pet. This is funny or terrible?

Ferret. They certainly are NOT a pocket pet. If I kept mine in a cage all day like a hamster or gerbil he would go insane. They need slot of physical and mental stimulation to be happy and have a high prey drive. 

Yuki, 12, was just eight months old when he was rescued from a kill shelter and sent to his new home at Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples in 2008.

Brittany Allen, a team member at the animal sanctuary.cares about the wolf. more information

Eight-year-old Matteo Walch and a marmot are seen at Hohe Tauern National Park in Austria on August 18, 2011. Walch has been friends with a group of marmots for the last 4 years.

Matteo travels to Hohe Tauern National Park every year to see the group. As today is International Day of Friendship, let’s have a look at the precious friendship between children and animals! 

Photographer Olga Barantseva posing with an owl pet.

Chic Turtle it really funny? 🙂

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