” Time Travelers ” SHOCKING Stories

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Then and now, time to time there are going public some personas who openly speak that they are “Time travelers”, that travel through time from the distant future to time od today to tell us incredible stories that should happen in.

UNREAL SIDE Has collected some of those incredible and at the same time Shocking Stories simple because those people put themselves in front of public criticism and tell in some thinking “crazy talk” narrative that for some is believable and for the rest, they are just a funny joke.

" Time Travelers " SHOCKING Stories
For us “Unreal Sider’s” it’s more believable the Time machine of baby Stu from “Family Guy” but we don’t know much either about it how he made it.

1. Time traveler Interview ‘They work hard to protect you’

" Time Travelers " SHOCKING Stories

The anonymous “time traveler, who would not share his name out of security concerns, arrived in the current timeline via fourth-dimensional time travel. The time traveler bizarrely claimed he cannot reveal too much about the future without causing “temporal paradoxes”, which could permanently alter the future. But he was allowed to let slip some details about where humanity is headed even if he could not give specifics timestamps for future cataclysms. Speaking to the YouTube channel TheTimeAuthority in 2014, the mysterious man said his actions were being monitored by higher powers who keep track of changes in the timeline.

“You don’t want to get their attention. They can make my life very difficult if I give you too many specific details.

“They’re here, they’re everywhere, of course. They know how the interview is going to end.

“If they didn’t appreciate what we’re doing now, they would have already stopped it.”

2. Among the time travelers more outlandish stories, where claims of Cataclysm in the future.

" Time Travelers " SHOCKING Stories
‘Time traveler’ predicts USA will be ‘wiped out’

The man who claims to be a real-time traveler and goes by the name of Noah has shared his most shocking predictions. Speaking to paranormal investigators from YouTube channel ApexTV, he said UFO sightings and snowstorms will ravage the US next year. In an unusual video uploaded online, the time traveler showed crumpled up bits of paper to the camera, which he claimed were book pages detailing future events. One of the pages listed a devastating snowstorm striking the US Midwest as early as February.

" Time Travelers " SHOCKING Stories

Noah then claimed a special chip invented in June 2019, will give paralyzed people the ability to walk again.

The “truly remarkable” piece of technology will spearhead new advances in technology, leading up to the advent of intelligent machines.

The time traveler also outlined some of the future predictions for the year 2020.

The release of artificial intelligence technology to the public will supposedly spark widespread controversy and criticism.

Noah said: “Controversy starts as the A1 Machidan Android is released to the public and protesters think this is some unnatural force that we shouldn’t be reckoning with.

3. SHOCK CCTV footage shows ‘time traveler teleporting’ in broad daylight

" Time Travelers " SHOCKING Stories

The bizarre video was uploaded to YouTube by the paranormal investigators behind the popular channel Apex TV.

Apex TV claimed the video was emailed in by a concerned security officer who works for a warehouse in Pennsylvania, US.

The security officer said he witnessed a time traveler use a teleportation device to phase out of reality.

" Time Travelers " SHOCKING Stories
Some viewers were convinced by the bizarre video (Image: APEX TV)

Apex TV’s video voice over says: “He was able to catch something extremely strange on a security camera.

“What you’re about to see is immensely bizarre. Watch this and decide for yourself.” In the video, the presumed time traveler can be seen wearing a dark hoodie as he scans a bench area behind the warehouse.

He searches for something on the ground, within sight of the building’s CCTV cameras.

" Time Travelers " SHOCKING Stories

The man appears to find some sort of flashing device on the ground which blinds the CCTV camera with light.

What you’re about to see is immensely bizarre

Apex TV

After the device flashes about 20 times, the man completely vanishes out of sight, leading many to speculate he time traveled or teleported out of reality.

The security officer who saved the CCTV recording says in the video: “There it is. He’s gone. There it is.”

Some Apex TV viewers who saw the clip were convinced it could be genuine evidence of time travel.

Many viewers called out Apex TV for sharing a “fake” and “edited video”.

Miguel Rodriguez said: “I’m open-minded, but I remain skeptical until the footage is analyzed thoroughly.

“Too many frauds are circulating. This video appears suspicious.”

And Matt Crawley said: “It’s easy video editing. I’m amazed at how gullible people are.”


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