The “Smoking Baby” Then & Now!

Remember the “Indonesia’s smoking baby” when in 2000 he made world headlines, viral posts across the web when pictures and video emerged, showing him as an infant, puffing away in a 40-cig daily habit.

He is an Indonesian boy Ardi Rizal  Surrounded by farmland and plantations in the small village of Teluk Kemang Sungai Lilin in South Sumatra who learned sneaking ciggies while his mother sold fish at the local market.

His father introduced the unhealthy habit to the youngster, from South Sumatra, Indonesia, at just 18-months-old.

Then as reported later from media the little-grownup Aldi has traded one unhealthy habit in for another,  He’s up to four stones – 56 pounds  – on an unhealthy diet of junk food, condensed milk, and chocolates.

“He eats a lot,” his 28-year-old mom Diana said. “ With so many people in the house, it’s hard to stop him getting food.”

“He would eat three chicken legs at one meal, three bowls of bakso (meatball soup) at once, one tin of condensed milk in the morning and once at night. If I said to eat less, he would throw tantrums and threaten to go back to smoking. So I just let him eat what he wanted. His weight got out of control then.”

When Aldi started school, kids made fun of his huge lunch box. He began to cut down on the size of his meals and his weight is now under control.

To help him kick the habit, the Indonesian government sent him to rehab, where he was able to quit after 30 days of specialist treatment. Now he has become a young healthy boy…

Aldi cried after smoking his last cigarette and began beating his head against the walls of the rehab center in Jarkata. But doctors and therapists have helped the two-year-old beat his cravings and learn to play like a child for the first time

The government was forced to intervene yet again and the kid, who used to down three cans of milk a day, was put on a diet with the help of nutritionists.

Aldi Rizal is healthy & happy now with his mother Diana

Aldi’s internet notoriety meant that Diana was pilloried for being a bad mother. She blames herself, in part, for Aldi smoking at such a young age because she craved cigarettes while pregnant, whereas with her other children her cravings had been for sour fruits and green mangoes.

“He was just 3 years old, and he smoked four packs a day,” Mulyadi said. “(But) I was confident because he is still very young. Psychologically, as a child, he is very flexible and easier to be cured.”And cured he is — at least for now.”I don’t want to smoke any more. I don’t want to get sick,” said Aldi, who now wants to help prevent other children from going through a similar ordeal. “Please don’t smoke. Don’t even try it. It’s hard to quit.”


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