The Poison We Eat Every day – Groceries That You Shouldn’t Buy, Destroy Your Health


There are many foods that have been proven to increase the risk of cancer, and these are the most unhealthy foods according to The Truth About Cancer.

1. Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs):

GMOs and chemically grown foods are the reason for the rapid growth of the tumor. GMOs are used in large quantities in most derivatives or foods from conventional corn, soybeans, oilseeds, etc.

2.Popcorn Microwave Oven

Making popcorn in a microwave oven may seem a lot easier and simpler. But popcorn bags are coated with certain chemicals. These chemicals are responsible for infertility and testicular cancer, liver, and pancreas. As the US Environmental Protection Agency recently acknowledged, the inside of popcorn bags is coated with carcinogenic perfluorooctanoic acids. Also, several other independent studies have shown that the above chemicals are linked to the appearance of tumors. It is also the cause of lung damage.

3. Carbonated drinks

They are packed with sugar, dyes, and chemicals. It literally nourishes cancer cells. Caramel dye and its derivatives 4-methyl imidazole (4-MI) are some common chemicals that are particularly linked to cancer.

4. Meat in a processed state

Mainly processed meat products, such as hot dogs, bacon and sausages, contain chemical preservatives. These preservatives make the products fresh and attractive. But they can be a major cause of cancer. These meat preparations contain sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate which are associated with a significant increase in the risk of colon cancer and various other cancers.

5. Diet foods and drinks

Dietary foods and drinks are even worse than conventional foods and ordinary carbonated drinks. One of the common artificial sweeteners, aspartame is associated with a number of diseases. Cucralysis (Splendas), saccharin and many others are also cancer triggers.

6. Refined sugar

Refined sugar feeds on cancerous cells, according to the latest research. Due to fructose-rich sweeteners such as corn syrup (HFC) they are easily and rapidly metabolized and reproduced. Due to the presence of refined sugar and this corn syrup in cakes, juices, cereals, sauces, and many other popular products, the cancer rate has been increasing rapidly in recent years.

7. Refined white flour

Excess carbohydrates present in refined flour are of the utmost importance. Regular intake of refined carbohydrates is the cause of a 220% increase in breast cancer in women.

The high glycemic index of foods that raise blood sugar levels very quickly, directly nourishes cancer cells and enables their growth and development.

8. Conventional apples, grapes, and other “dirty” fruits

People think that they buy fruits, such as grapes, apples or strawberries, and that they eat so healthy. But, except that these fruits are not organic or confirmed without pesticides, they may be associated with a reason for an increased risk of cancer. 98% of all conventional products, and especially of the type listed as “dirty” fruit, are contaminated with carcinogenic pesticides.

9. Hydrogenated oil

It changes the structure and flexibility of the cell membrane throughout the body, resulting in a host of diseases, including cancer.

10. Supervised salmon

According to Dr. David Harpenter, director of the Albany University Institute of Health, grown salmon is another food listed at a high risk of cancer. Grown salmon contain carcinogenic chemicals, antibiotics, PHV, and pesticides. It also lacks vitamin D.


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