Top Photo HILLARIOUS Selfie "Bombs" [25 Photos]

photo shoot
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Epic Stories

Well almost everyone finds themself in awkward situations and sometimes makes proper acting or gives the...
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No one Cared Who I was until … I Became A MEME

Memes, an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and...
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Smart Crow MEMES [GIF-s]

Crow snow Surfer Crow having FUN! Feeding his Pets Batman Crow Crow a “scientist” Solving a...
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Special funny Gifts for Holidays & other Days

1. Funny Anniversary Card Some not everyday hilarious ideas for the gifts to share with your...
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The Funniest cakes You can Send to your Loved ones For Birthdays

It’s really Boring to order to make at your confectionery the ordinary same cake design they...
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fat kid MacDonald

15 McDonald’s Funny MEMES

In those days of our busy lives and fast food ready chain of the restaurants at...
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design photo

Viewing our World from A Creative Angle [PHOTOS]

Famous Artist Hugo Suíssas from Portugal has created a series of photos were his imagination and...
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The actual persons who translated the content words for those street signs should be immediately fired...
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Buni comic 2019

Cartoon comics are some kind of relief of daily stress and help us maintain our positive...
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Funniest Photoshop Guru trolls People

You may want to ask to fix one of the photos that you don’t particularly like...
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Minecraft Bees hilarious MEMES

In social sites like Reddit and Twitter lately was great Buzz. Most of the jokes revolve...
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Funny Shen Comix

Sometimes Life is so much grey without some hilarious colored drawings to have fun! SHARE FUN!
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13 Photobombs Worth to Remember ever

At first sight, those Selfies and group photo snapshots were planned to shoot like any other...
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The bright side is the positive aspect of something that also has negative features; the optimistic view of something. The bright side of all this is that I was able to catch up on my reading while I was in the hospital. I know it’s hot, but look on the bright side—at least it’s not raining. A ‘glass–half–full person‘ is an optimist, someone who always...
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10 Grammar Fails ever Made

I empathize with these unlucky writers, though. Typos are inevitable and there’s nothing they can do...
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The World’s 14 Funniest Buildings to laugh

When creative mind architect & funny idea met together they make the eye catcher building that...
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22 Genius Advertisements that are too Funny 4 Watch

Advertising is a marketing communication that employs an openly sponsored, non-personal message to promote or sell a product, service...
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Comical illustrations by Naolito.

The Nacho Diaz is from Spain, Barcelona is the creator of all these great and funny...
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The Distracted Boyfriend meme!

The distracted boyfriend meme is a meme based on a 2015 stock photograph by the Spanish photographer Antonio Guillem. Social media users...
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Apple I-Stand Hillarious Joke MEMEs

Apple Is Getting Roasted Over Its $1,000 Stand For A Computer Screen and There are More...
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Comic illustration

10 Funny Comics by comics Artist Patrick Grogan . 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7....
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11 Ridiculous “Game of Thrones” Bloopers that are so Funny now

Just a single and unintentional error with Starbucks Cup in the one movie scene is forgivable...
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Hilarious Google VS Huawei MEMES

Google is restricting Huawei’s access to its Android operating system and apps after the Trump administration blacklisted the Chinese...
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Game of Thrones #funny #meme #comedy

Game of Thrones isn’t the most-watched scripted series on television—but it is without a doubt the most...
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The 100 weirdest Walmart visitor pics (2019)

It is true that Walmart has seen it’s a fair share of people sporting jaw-dropping hairstyles...
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Black hole MEMES

10 Black hole MEMES

The presence of these objects affects their environment in extreme ways, warping spacetime and super-heating any...
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wipe out letters

What is Wipeout?

This is the one and only Wipeout course of the Netherlands! As seen on TV with...
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me age 13 me now

Cartoon from Sarah’s Scribbles

Sarah’s Scribbles is a webcomic by Sarah Andersen.She focuses her art on adulthood and the maturity...
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fortnite player woman

30 Fortnite memes

Pc game named fortnite is popular nowadays among the young population of the earth and some...
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text message funny mom

Funniest text messages ever

Almost everybody gets himself sometimes in a strange situation when receiving a wrong&not everyday message or...
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cat and dogs

Family photoshoot

We have all had family photos, but these families take it to a whole other level of awkward, to...
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14 Worst Photoshop Fails Of All Time

Some people to show them self in front of the public in a better light then...
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