Shocking# events Ever happened in some Churchs

Yeah, WEIRD things happen everywhere and in every place that can be characterized as “not normal, and not everyday stories. We are not gonna give our thoughts about those UNREAL stories, it’s enough to see themselves and check them if they are true or imagined.

1. Selfies with the Angels

Prophet Mboro was about to commence his sermon during an Easter service in Johannesburg when an unusual light flooded the gathering and transported him to God’s kingdom.

Good thing, Mboro the prophet ascended into heaven with his smart phone. That enabled him to take snap shots of Paradise and the dwellers thereof. A senior member of the Church equated Mboro to biblical Elijah asserting that the uncommon happening is a kind gesture towards Prophet Mboro for being an honest servant.
South Africa – Johannesburg – 28 February – Prophet Paseka Mboro Motsoeneng of the Incredible Happenings Ministry(R) accompanied by apostolic church of God Ebeni Ezri and archbishop Emma Mauku, pray outside the Alleluia Ministries church in Sandton, pastors has called on resurrection Pastor Lukau To PERFORM his miracles AND RAISE NELSON MANDELA FROM THE DEAD. Picture: Itumeleng English/African News Agency(ANA)

2. The Naked Church

The video of this story

3. Party reverend

4. Can a genitalia-Shaped Churchs Really Be an Accident?

This is the aerial view of the Christian Science church in Dixon, Illinois USA as seen on Google Maps.
Somewhere in America today a church architect is planning a change of career.

WARNING The next picture is sexually explicit(nudes image) so if you are minor under 18 years old is preferred to skip it and not to watch!

5. Miracle Kiss

The faith has now turned to humiliation kissing hips. It’s a pastor of a miracle church in Nigeria in Niger delta province ordered unmarried women to remove all clothes to kiss hips so god can perform their miracles to marry very soon.


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