NEWS You won't Believe They are REAL

20 Funny and Weird (Yet Real) News Headlines that you may have not seen them until now or know they exist but are so FUNNY or poor written from incompetent and sleeping reporters that will make laugh out loud 🙂


Clap or Slap?

Really? This writer should work as clown.He is so funny.


They were in search 4 ice cream& Donnuts actually

That is so obvious!

What?No,no that’s unforgivable…

I always knew she did that heavy crime.

Lol. maybe his bills


There is justice, for once or Karma


I Think more stupids have the blame about that.

Those are really pushing the level of human stupidity!

LOL, that’s soo nice…

This deserves an Oscar

He never saw it coming to Lol…


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