Maps, You’ve never noticed before, but now you can’t unsee it!

You may have seen somewhere and have read or told about it…But Never seen on such large scale seeing the maps of the world by the eye of the imaginary world of the Artist works to look maps to resemble some real people, animals or objects!

The Unreal side has collected a bunch of map drawings so next time when you see some maps of continents and states, you would seeing things in a totally different view.

1 Austria some people would swear that the map resembles to a slug!

2 The map of Belarus looks like a duck.

3 Bulgaria map is a cat.

4 Then Belgium map is like a praying man!

5 But the map of Croatia is in a flying dragon form.

6 Map of Denmark, Batman covered in the wet stuff, a fish, and a weird looking& funny merman. 😀

7 The map of England resembles sitting Dragon!

8 France is in night owl resemblance!

9 map of Germany is a flashing gnome!

10 And Greece looks like the head of wizard Merlin!

11 Hungary map… a strangely shaped potato!

12 And the map of Ireland is looking like a sweet toy playful Koala 🙂

13 map of Italy a boot, of course!

14 Latvia is a small baby bird!

15 Strangely enough, the Map of Lithuania resembles to the head of singing “King of Rock and Roll” an Elvis Presley!!

16 Funny or not, map Norway is shaped like Sperm.

17 And the map Poland is Monkey head… Lol!

18 Map Romania is like a Dory, fish from the Pixar movie of “finding Nemo”


19 It’s Hillarious… the Map form of Slovenia is a close one to Chicken look!

20 And last, but not the last map of Ukraine is a Mule.

Never had thought about it but…


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