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According to the media in that region, a man who has been married for thirty years lived harmoniously with his wife or at least thought so.

But this gentleman, from a long and harmonious marriage, decided to move a little in his own peace, so he set up a tent near his own house, set up a “terrace” in front of him because he could no longer bear to spend time with his wife in the house.

“The neighbor has been in his tent for several days. He put a table in front of him, chairs, and occasionally our other neighbor comes to drink. I also visited him and said that he is now in a great relationship with his wife. He is already bored. he says it’s too much from 0 to 24. “- said the neighbor.

A coronavirus-related dance challenge is taking social media by storm.
The dance is set to a Vietnamese song that teaches listeners to wash their hands and avoid big crowds to ward off the virus.
On TikTok, renditions of choreographer Quang Dang’s dance have amassed more than 20 million views.

Vietnamese dancer and choreographer Quang Dang created the dance challenge, which is set to the chorus of “Ghen Co Vy,” or “Jealous Coronavirus,” by singers Min and Erik. The song, which has racked up more than 23 million views on YouTube, instructs listeners to wash their hands, avoid touching their faces, stay away from big crowds, and send the virus away.

Behind the wall of the Convent of San Leandro some nuns who give their all playing basketball. In these days of pandemic and confinement, they have substituted sweets for sanitary masks and, between seams and seams, they crush the convent board, like Lebron James with habits.

Somewhere in a city of Albania, the nephews often come to visit their grandmother’s apartment to see how is she with her health. This time they wrote on the asphalt the graffiti. “Grandma is happy! we love you so much !!!”(grandchildren)

Yeah, and surprisingly odd we have a book inspired from corona-virus epidemic! What is story about you may read the description of the book.

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