Crazy World of Some People

Crazy World of Some People

There are always people who dare to break the rules go further than is not normal and at the same time have no remorse for what they did or do. But when the world around them hears about what they did they usually became a LAughing stock or land in jail with a fun story to hate it or laugh at him/her/them for their whole life… Here are some Stories collected for your pleasure & fun time.

1. Man was in a relationship with as many as 35 women at the same time!

A man from Japan was arrested after he was in a relationship with as many as 35 women at the same time, in order to receive gifts for fake birthdays.
Takashi Miyagawa was arrested for cheating on 35 women after pretending to be serious about them.

He gave each woman a fake date for his birthday in order to ensure a steady stream of gifts.
In one case, Takashi told his 47-year-old mistress that his birthday was on February 22, even though his real birthday was on November 13.

He told one of his victims, a 40-year-old woman, that his birthday was in July, while another believed he was born in April.

Crazy World of Some People

Japanese media report that he cheated on a total of 35 women, but that there is a possibility of more victims.

In all, Miyagawa is accused of cheating on women for 700 euros, which they spent on birthday presents and clothes.
He met his victims while working for a marketing company, selling certain products.

The media reports that he approached women and started relationships, claiming that at some point he would marry her.
The woman eventually “broke in” and reported him to the police in February.

2. An Indonesian man loves his job so much that his son has the name after his job!

Crazy World of Some People

The name he gave to his son is really unusual and unique.

The name of his five-month-old son is Dinas Communication Informatics Statistics or in translation Bureau of Statistics.

Even before he got married, Samet Vahiudi knew that if he ever had a son, he wanted to name him after the department in which he worked as a civil servant. He said this very clearly to his fiancée before they got married, and she accepted his bizarre proposal for their son’s name.

Their first child was a girl, so Samet agreed to a more conventional name for her, but when his wife Linda gave birth to their second child, a boy, in December 2020, he knew exactly what it would be called – Bureau of Statistics, Information Communication or Dinas Communication Information statistics.

Crazy World of Some People

Samet Wahiudi told Indonesian media and journalists that he had been employed as a civil servant in the town of Brebes in 2003 and had been working for the Bureau of Statistics ever since. This place became his second home, so they wanted to somehow connect with his son.

Born on December 23, 2020, the Bureau of Communication with Statistical Information will probably find it difficult to introduce himself by his full name, which is why his parents have already chosen the nickname Dinko.

Asked if he thought his son would feel about his name when he grew up, the Indonesian civil servant said he was sure the boy would get used to it.

3. A new Conspiracy theory says that Australia does not exist.

Crazy World of Some People

Did you think the flat earth theory was the dumbest thing you heard in 2021? Or maybe something about Canon or did you know that the Zummers have a conspiracy theory that Helen Keller is not real?

Sorry, we’re sending you something even crazier. There is a real conspiracy theory that the continent of Australia does not exist.

The sixth-largest country on the planet. All cards are incorrect. Including people flying planes and astronauts looking at Australia from space. Landmasses, people, nothing.

Crazy World of Some People

Why would humans invent the existence of the 6th largest land mass on the planet? To cover up the genocide, of course. The creator of this conspiracy theory believes that Australia was invented to cover up Britain, which allegedly killed 162,000 of its convicted criminals.

BuzzFeed said the theory gained popularity when a Swede named Shelley Florida went viral on Facebook in a post explaining exactly how “invented” Australia was:

“Australia does not exist… All the things you call ‘evidence’ are in fact well-crafted lies and documents of the world’s leading governments. Your Australian friends? “They are all computer-generated actors and personalities, part of a conspiracy to deceive the world.”

Florida writes that Australia was actually invented by Great Britain to be able to kill tens of thousands of convicts, instead of sending them to a country on the other side of the world.

4. Wear a suit to be invisible in online engagement meetings.

Crazy World of Some People

You have probably heard about the Zoom application. It is now a significant part of the population, so important that the man is in a situation where he has to hide around so as not to disturb the woman in online dating.

A man came up with a solution to avoid appearing in the background of his fiancée’s Zoom platform meeting.

TikTok @tailoredbits user wore a green suit (or green morph suit as they are better known) as if he were playing Gollum in The Lord of the Rings.

The theory was that if his partner used a computer background for Zoom, he would not show up behind it.

As the title says, everything was perfect.

Well, except for the visible head and, occasionally, the whole body. You may not need to bring a cup of coffee with you. However, he was embarrassed and definitely everyone saw him and laughed.


Flawless execution. #fyp#foryou#wfh#zoom#workfromhome

♬ original sound – tailoredbits

5. The twins issued an ultimatum to the groom: Either both or neither!

Crazy World of Some People

Identical twins Anna and Lucy de Sink are known as “the most similar twins in the world” and share everything, and recently on the Australian TLC show “Extreme Sisters” they discovered that the two desperately want to marry a boy, but Australian law does not allow it.

“From an early age, we have an agreement that we will marry the same man and that we will both have children with him, I hope at the same time,” said Lucy, who has lived with her identical twin Anna and their boyfriend Ben Byrne for several years. The mother of the mentioned women also lives with them.

Crazy World of Some People

6. People are changing their name in “Salmon” after a fish for an unusual reason.

Crazy World of Some People

Authorities on the Chinese island of Taiwan are urging citizens to stop changing their names in Salmon, as many have done just that to take advantage of the sushi restaurant’s promotional offer.

That restaurant chain actually offers “as much as you can eat” for those who have an ID card written by Gui Yu, or salmon.

Crazy World of Some People

Deputy Interior Minister Chen Tsung-yen said changing the name for the purpose was a waste of time and creating unnecessary documentation.

But in vain.

The name change comes after restaurant chain Akindo Sashiro announced on Tuesday that anyone with the word salmon in their name could get free food for themselves and five friends.

7. She spent a lot of money to look like a dragon!

Crazy World of Some People

Eva Timat Medusa from Texas has so far spent over $ 60,000 to turn into a dragon. Her cosmetic changes included cutting her tongue in two, tattooing her face, and eight “horns” on her head. Transgender Eve was once a man, and an HIV diagnosis then forced Richard Hernandez to change his life.

8. Do you want to know some Extreme steps to save your Money? Here are some of them 😀

Crazy World of Some People

Saving is always desirable, but some people are willing to take extreme steps to save money.

Kia Cambridge is one of them – it saves a lot of money and even does a few awkward things to avoid spending money.

For example, she uses her hair instead of dental floss.

“I want to floss my hair, I know it sounds ugly, but it just works, it’s great and it doesn’t cost me anything,” Kia said on a show.

Another way to save money, this single mother buys a cup of coffee, which she then drinks for three days.

“After the third day, you have this slightly burnt on top, it has to be removed, it’s disgusting, but there are good things under it,” she claims.

Crazy World of Some People

There is also one of the unpleasant things she does with chewing gum to save money. She keeps the chewing gum in the freezer in order to preserve the taste and to be able to chew it again.

“This way I spend less than $ 10 a year on chewing gum.”

Kia goes to the buffet “Eat as much as you can” with her son Alex every day, where they take as much food as they want from the buffet.

Food can distract us from other things we need to do. “Alex and I will do it every day, once a day.”

Her intention is that when her son enrolls in college, she will rent out his empty room to the tenants, who, in addition to the room, would also pay for the use of the kitchen and the washing machine.

It seems that her son’s savings are over his head, so he says that he will miss his mother when he goes to college, “but her savings will not.” By the way, she saves so much that every time Alex wants to drink juice, he will have to measure exactly 200 milliliters and drink only that much.

9. She only wants to be a “Good Dogy female”!

Crazy World of Some People

This is Jenna Phillips, 21 years old, who lives in Austin Texas. After graduating from high school, Jenna became an eyewear technician.

To make money fast, she joined the media site Onlyfans. Onlyfans is a social networking media site based in London.

On it, influencers can make money through the number of subscribers to their posts per month.

She first only posted casual photos.

Until about six months ago, two men in Chicago talked to her about “pet-play” scenes.

Pet-play is a form of role-playing in which one becomes the pet for a boss.

Jenna has said that she always felt like a growing dog and really enjoyed being called a “good dog”.

Crazy World of Some People

If interested, Jenna has a few tips for you – “when playing pet-play, almost every girl will transform into a kitten, Fox, or Rabbit and most puppies are male.”

Since the beginning of posting pet-play content, Jenna’s only fan-site has started to explode.

Stock costs $ 20 for those who want to watch, and more for private videos. One client even paid $ 1200 for her to play the dog role!

Of course, the funniest part is that she makes more money in a month than most people make for a lifetime.


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