Can you Solve Mystery of Simpsons cartoons 12 True Prediction

The famous cartoons Simpson’s mysteries are well known until today and are still unsolved. Here some of them…

1. Simpsons predicted Facetime in 1995

Season 6, Episode 19: Lisa’s Wedding              

In this futuristic installment, Lisa talks with Marge using her phone’s video chat capabilities, predating the popular FaceTime feature of today’s iPhones by 15 years.

2. Simpsons also predict Autocorrect text Fails

Season 6, Episode 8: Lisa on Ice

During a Springfield Elementary School assembly, Kearney asks fellow bully Dolph to take a memo to “Beat up Martin” on his “Newton” — Apple’s early attempt at a personal digital assistant. However, the machine translates the message into “Eat up Martha” instead, foreshadowing the common messaging errors people blame on iPhone’s autocorrect technology.

3. Smartwatches didn’t exist then.

Season 6, Episode 19: Lisa’s Wedding                            

When Lisa visits a fortune-teller at a renaissance fair, viewers are transported 15 years into the future to 2010 — a time when wristwatch communication technology exists.

4. First-generation iPod.

Season 8, Episode 5, “Bart After Dark” 

We see the residents of Springfield try to gain access to a secret burlesque club, but doesn’t the intercom on the gates look familiar? In 2001 Apple announced the released of it’s the first-generation iPod and the similarities in the design are uncanny!

5. Baby Translator invention

Season 3, Episode 24, “Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?” 

We’re introduced to Homer’s long-lost brother Herb Powell who introduces the Simpson Family to his latest invention; “The Baby Translator”. In 2013 the “Cry Translator” came onto the scene, which boasted the ability to be able to analyze your babies cries and provide a ‘diagnosis’ for why your baby is upset.

6. Faulty Voter Machines

Season 20, Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror XIX                           

In a bit inspired by the 2008 presidential election, Homer tries to vote for Barack Obama only to have a voting machine record his selection as John McCain several times. Coincidentally, when it came time for Obama to run for a second term in 2012, video footage emerged of a Pennsylvania machine switching a vote from Obama to one for his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney. The machine was reportedly taken out of commission.

7. NSA Spying Scandal

In 2007, The Simpsons predicted that US people are being spied by the NSA. In that episode, Marge Simpson says to her daughter that the government does not listen to anybody’s conversation. At that time a humanoid seems to record the information. The NSA spying scandal was revealed in 2013.

8. The Simpsons predicted the FIFA corruption Scandal:

In March 2014, The Simpsons predicted the FIFA Corruption Scandal which was actually found out in 2015. They also predicted the finals of World Cup 2014 and the possibility of future world cup being held in a desert. The desert is Qatar where the 2022 world cup is going to take place.

9. The Simpsons predicted the 9/11 attack:

This one might be a coincidence but the 9$ and the silhouette of the World Trade Center resembling 11 gives an eerie feel.

10. Simpson writers predicted the Syrian war.

The Syrian uprising was also talked about in the Simpsons way before it already happened. In 2001, an episode called “New Kids On The Blecch,” clearly showed a group of Arab men with guns standing near a truck displaying the Syrian flag. Now, this causes issues because back in 2001, the Syrian opposition had yet to be invented or even make headlines.

11. Team USA’s Olympic Curling Win

Season 21, Episode 12: Boy Meets Curl                            

Team USA’s men’s curling team defeated Sweden in a shocking upset at the 2018 Olympics that brought yet another Simpsons storyline to real-life fruition. Mirroring events from a 2010 episode in which Marge and Homer made it onto the U.S. mixed doubles curling team, the Americans came from behind in their Feb. 25 matchup with Sweden to capture gold at the Winter Games in Pyeongchang.

12. Greece’s Debt

Season 23, Episode 10: Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson                            

When Homer appears as a guest commentator on cable news show Head Butt, a ticker runs across the bottom of the screen that reads, “Europe puts Greece on eBay.”

Of course, this was three years before Greece became the first developed country to default to the International Monetary Fund, plunging the country deeper into economic crisis.


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