Beautiful Houses from Bamboo

The bamboo plant is the most renewable construction material on the planet.

From the perspective of farming, bamboo is adaptable to most climatic conditions and soil types, making it an ideal and hardy building material “crop.” Therefore, it may come as a surprise that bamboo is not more readily available as a standard building construction material. Bamboo has quite a high tensile strength. It is comparable with steel. Apart from this, bamboo has an impermeable protective layer which protects it from rotting due to water.

We at Unreal Side have collected some of the best buildings pictures to show that beauty of nature and human design from Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.

Green Village in Bali.

Khuất Duy Tiến,  Vietnam.

Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy.

 Restaurant in đồng hới, a coastal city in central Vietnam.

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