Artist from Indonesia Turns Cats into Giants

Fransdita Muafidin is the man who makes giant cats come alive on his Instagram page so these fluffy balls conquer the world with their cuteness.

  1. Imagine one day a big cat in your city street, greeting you with her Big Paw.

2. Like a homaan Tired after one long working day …

3. Greetings fellow human, Meoooow

4. You are my Best Friend Pussy Cat !

5. Maverick Cat

6. Stop right there,It’s a Day robbery,give up the merchandise!

7. Day Dreaming.

8. Brrrrr Meoowww …

9. It’s soo cold , i hate the water Meoow

10. Now i like it more,when having FUN!

11. Upssss!

12. Meoow, i stuck up here Help!

13. After All.everything you need is a pussycat by yourself to Love You…

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