Fransdita Muafidin is the man who makes giant cats come alive on his Instagram page so these fluffy balls conquer the world with their cuteness.

  1. Imagine one day a big cat in your city street, greeting you with her Big Paw.

2. Like a homaan Tired after one long working day …

3. Greetings fellow human, Meoooow

4. You are my Best Friend Pussy Cat !

5. Maverick Cat

6. Stop right there,It’s a Day robbery,give up the merchandise!

7. Day Dreaming.

8. Brrrrr Meoowww …

9. It’s soo cold , i hate the water Meoow

10. Now i like it more,when having FUN!

11. Upssss!

12. Meoow, i stuck up here Help!

13. After All.everything you need is a pussycat by yourself to Love You…

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