Animals taking Over a Cities during LockDown

A herd of wild animals has been caught on camera several times running through the streets of some cities. Those animals, which normally spend their time up their natural habitats, have been spotted wandering around the town center during the human absence in the street the past week&months.

The goats that are taking over a Welsh seaside town during the lockdown. The animals were seen trotting out in front of traffic, running through the streets at night and nibbling at flowers in people’s gardens.

A herd of deers roaming the streets of Nara in Japan emerged, with people responding either in shock or awe. the Sika deer living there is a local attraction. Tourists would usually buy crackers sold at the park meant specifically to feed the deers, however as the number of visitors plummeted in recent weeks, the deer seem to have no choice but to wander out of their territory to find something to munch on.

Crocodiles have taken over a beach at La Ventanilla in Oaxaca, an ecotourism resort on Mexico’s southern coast that is now devoid of tourists because of COVID-19, according to the Mexico Daily News.

Published photos show crocs basking in the sun without a tourist in sight since the Mexican government shut down beaches because of the coronavirus.

A state of emergency has been declared after more than 50 polar bears invaded Novaya Zemlya, a Russian archipelago stretching into the Arctic Ocean. Officials in the Arkhangelsk region declared a state of emergency because of the invasion. Thinning sea ice has driven 52+ polar bears ashore.

Cows take streets of Quilpué city in Chile amidst the curfew of the virus Covid-19

In Italy, it’s also observed a similar phenomenon. Numerous accounts of various animals wandering the streets appeared on Italian social media. Most of the people who posted their observances were pretty amused with the situation despite the tedious circumstances surrounding it.

Image credits: bi-until-theday-idie


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