AI Portraits, now you can get yours, in the Van Gogh style.

Artificial intelligence that can create Art? Yes, and that can do it your personal portrait in a couple of seconds in the Italian Renaissance style of famous old Artists/Painters in a great variety of styles, from Lucian Freud to Giovanni Boldini, from John Singer Sargent to Vincent Van Gogh.

The first digital paintings date back to 2015. Artificial intelligence (Ai) also created faces from nowhere, published nudes on the Web, and even wrote a movie. What’s next on the list?  THis.

How does it work? 

Managers trained models of antagonistic generative networks with different styles and levels of abstraction. The “training package” so to speak uses a total of 45,000 portraits, but does not depend on a transfer of classic styles, but redesigns all facial lines and the color palette during the generation.

AI Portraits has the ability to present their works almost in real-time, with a maximum resolution of 4K.

Ai is operating online on the website, there is a button”click me” to upload your photo you wish to convert into classic painted portrait after you click ok, wait a couple of seconds and voila! You have Your Classic portrait.

AI Portraits has only one goal, and it does quite well. The images of people with glasses are the ones that give the algorithm the most problems, and we can almost always find in the generated portrait some lines belonging to the frame. In short, if you want to meet your own face reinterpreted by artificial intelligence, start here.

The is very bussy site nowadays Due to the overwhelming popularity of the site time to time may be down for maintenance, but you can try your luck now.

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