Abandoned mansion Turned in a unique Art Object

Australian Artist Rone Spends Entire Year Turning Abandoned Mansion into Immersive street art portraiture to the walls of an abandoned Art Deco mansion.

Along with interior stylist Carly Spooner, Rone sourced over 500 antique pieces to help recreate the epic atmosphere of the mansion’s past. Filling the Art Deco home with period-style furniture proved to be the artist’s biggest challenge, as everything had to work together in order for the mansion to look complete.

Over 500 antique furniture pieces from the 1920s and 1930s were sourced to create a cohesive ambiance.
The twelve rooms are thematically linked to the four seasons with subtle hints that mark the passage of time.
“It’s not often that you can be so fully immersed in another era like this. It’s almost like we’ve discovered a forgotten time capsule and cracked it open for the world to see.”
Street artist Rone spent over a year transforming an abandoned Art Deco mansion in Australia into an immersive art installation.


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