A photogenic Adorable Siberian husky making Selfies in Viral video.

The Adorable Siberian husky named Tuatom and his owner are always snapping selfies round to the eye of the camera in free time.

Several times the Siberian husky knew as Tuatom (Boiled Nut in English) switches shoulders, apparently to get a better view.

The husky appeared desperate to get himself papped by his owner, refusing to rest until he had the perfect shot.

He even places his paws on both of her shoulders as the grinning girl films his antics in a house in Thailand

As well as excitedly pressing his face against the screen he throws his head back several times as the girl appears to give him orders.

But while it might appear that husky was desperate for his snap to be taken, there’s actually a far more plausible explanation behind his love for the camera. Here is the FULL VIDEO link from Youtube.

It’s looking out that Tuatom’s owner was holding his favorite snack in her lap, encouraging the dog to cuddle up close before being allowed to tuck into his treat.


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