7 Signs That Your Partner Is Still In Love with you

Everyone in some part of his life someday asks himself abruptly from the blue sky if his partner is still in love with her/him, maybe has no more interest in her/him and if he/she is still or not faithful to him/her like the first day they met.

Love is not just how you feel inside with the love of your life, but it’s also visible from outside with lots of little actions&attentions and many beautiful appearances sometimes not seen.

We at Unreal Side Picked up some of the stories on love these little things and put up in this medium scene in front of your attention and appreciate them more.

1.The Voice Changes

Your Voice Changes When You Talk to Someone Attractive. … But the pitch of someone’s voice may give another subtle clue as to how they feel about their conversation partner. If you‘re talking with a slightly lower-than-normal speaking pitch, it may mean you think the person you‘re gabbing with is a babe.

2. Dilated eye pupils

“The Look of Love.”  studies have shown that our pupils play an active role in signaling attraction. When we spot a comely face, our brains release dopamine, which triggers pupil dilation. Thanks to the surge of dopamine in our brains that excites the nerve endings in our eyes, the pupil muscles contract and dilate our peepers.

3. Imitate you

When people interact and things are going well, body language mirroring often happens subconsciously. For instance, someone will lean in close to the dinner table, and the other person follows in suit.

According to a 2006 study, the longer couples stick together, well after the jittery symptoms of attraction have calmed, the more they physically begin to look alike.

4. Body signs

To help ensure that the good ones don’t get away, our bodies produce a host of physical signs of attraction that grab our attention and direct it toward the dreamboat in question. When those physiological mechanisms kick in, even a brief glimpse of a crush can leave us short of breath and dazed. It takes only one second to intuitively decide whether someones physically is hot or not.

5. Sweating palms

Sweating palms is a classic physiological response to the attraction. The same cocktail of chemicals that prods our pulses also stokes our sweat glands. Collectively known as monoamines, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin combine to produce feelings of excitement, with a side of breathlessness and moist hands.

6. They ask too many “Are you okay?”

They ask too many “Are you okay?” and “Is this okay?” all the time. They are interested in all your deep thoughts and daily thinking also & past history. And enjoy doing different activities with you.

7. They leave sweet gifts & lovely notes all around you!

No matter how forgetful they are, they’ll make sure to write down or set up reminders just to make sure that they won’t miss the most important dates and details in your life: birthdays, anniversary, the first day you met, your first movie together, that enchanting restaurant where you celebrated your birthday, etc.


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