6 Time Savers You may Need Now

Do you want to save time during your busy day? Do you wish you had an extra hour to accomplish everything you wish to do? Most people would answer, “Yeah!” Here is the trick, Time can’t be ‘managed’, time is uncontrollable and we can only manage ourselves and our use of time. Let us see some of the possibilities of how to achieve that.

We at Unreal Side have made a list of actions what we can do trough our day and save us big time.

1. First set up ourself a Goal

Goals: with the help of your weekly to-do list and priorities, set daily goals, so you know what you want to achieve and be specific. 

There are three types of goals: based on Time, Focus and Topic.

1. Time goals are the ones we refer to as short-term or long-term. An example would be you should be time-specific in which time you start doing and when finishing your goal. Write it down in a note and execute it in time and place as you wanted.

2. Focus goals are based on what you want to do & achieve with your life in general. For instance, you have a goal this year to write a book. Big goal. It is a huge endeavor and will impact many of your personal and professional decisions. Maybe you want to buy a car that Fancy Lamborghini but, the Year is almost at the end of the calendar and you couldn’t realize that wish of yours. Well, it’s simple why not, it was not in 1 goal on your list!

3. Topic-based goals can be personal, professional, career, and financial. Maybe you have a goal to save a certain amount of money. Or to complete a leadership development program. These are goals that are important in a certain aspect of our life.

2. Priorities

Priorities: Most of the urgent items that you work on are other people’s priorities. Ensure that you establish an expected completion date and clarify the difference between important and urgent tasks. Then you can identify priorities with simple lettering:

  1. Must-Do
  2. Should Do
  3. Could Do

3. Ways & Tools of achievement

To achieve the goals you must first in practice rearrange your daily routine of life. The ~small things~you do every day but maybe you don’t do it with enough efficiency right now to spare enough free time for other activities.


Cook Food In Less Time

If the idea of cooking a real, good meal just fills you with dread (whether because you hate cooking or you just don’t have the time), We’ve shared 10 easy breakfast dishes recipe (here is link) and drinks (link) that everyone can make at home, not to mention the even-easier tricks for people who hate cooking. Breakfast can be the toughest meal, though—but it’s one of the most important.


In the morning you take a shower and then brush your teeth. Some people use coffee to wake themselves up in the morning, but other’s take a shower. WHY NOT When you are in the shower you also don’t brush you teeth IN THE SAME TIME? You are taking full advantage of your multi-tasking brain. Why waste time brushing your teeth at the sink after your shower when you could kill two birds with one stone?

4. Meetings with your friends & workers

  1. Meetings: how many meetings do you attend where you leave feeling ‘that was a waste of time!’ Keep meetings brief and provide an agenda and required information prior to the meeting. Place time limits on agenda items in order to avoid lengthy discussions and handle important items first. Try a stand-up meeting as they tend to take less time and decisions can be made faster. If you have been invited to a meeting, is it vital you attend? Could you delegate to someone else?

5. Pay Your Bills Automatically

If you’re tired of taking time out of your day to slog through all your bills, you can make your life a lot easier with automatic, recurring payments. With auto-pay, email alerts, and a good budgeting program, you can make the process a lot easier. . .

6. Two smart devices at the same time

Remember the time when your phone’s battery died and you had an important job to do? How was the feeling? Did you feel extreme anxiety and stress? No matter what your job is, it is likely that you depend on your phone.

By having two smartphones, you can separate work and personal life. One phone can be dedicated to your job, and then, the other is to maintain your relationships with family and friends.

One phone can be solely for advancing your career and the other is just for having fun with the closest people in your life.

When work ends, you can simply refrain from looking at your work phone and enjoy connecting with your family and friends using your personal phone. Still, if something important about work comes up, the work phone can always be close at hand.

The same can be applied to your personal computer, if it takes to much time finishing your job in there (downloading.uploading) stuff you need to wait for them time after time, WHY NOT buying two Pc and doing simultaneous jobs at the same time and all those tasks you SAVE Valuable time and enrich your life with more incredible new experiences and win much more TIME for yourself than until now.


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