40 Hard to Find Historical Photos from Wild WEST

Historical Photos from Wild WEST

There’s a reason old photos and artworks fascinate us — they let us see and understand that the life we’re used to now was once totally different and almost unimaginable for us today.

Historical photos from paintings of French artist Henry François Farny (15 July 1847 Ribeauvillé – 23 December 1916) was an American painter and illustrator. His work was centered on the life of Native Americans in the 19th-century United States. His paintings made decades ago about native Indians and European settlers connect us to the past and give us a chance to see things that we most certainly won’t be able to see during our lifetime.

Unreal Side collected some historical photos that are sure to make you feel nostalgic for a time you’ve never even known.

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Painter Henry Farny (right) with Frank Duveneck in 1874

40 Hard to Find Historical Photos from Wild WEST


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