A 36-year-old artist from Sweden has recreated some company logos with a twist to reveal what they’re really about. Viktor Hertz, calls those designs an “honest logos” project.

  1. Facebook

2. Instagram

3. Google. integrity vs. usability?

4. Snapchat

5. Youtube

6. Marvel Anything obvious that I’ve missed in this one?

7. Pixar


Here’s a nice Honest Logo for a change (felt cute, might delete later). I cry a lot to movies, including this company. Even more so when I’m alone and hungover, which I am today (well, alone not lonely). Last time I cried was probably to GoT doc “The Last Watch” by @jeaniefinlay – which movies have made you cry most?

8. Disney

9. Netflix .


Today’s mood.

10. Uber. take it easy and be nice to your drivers and/or friends.

11. Starbucks. I usually have milk in my coffee, but… Yeah. I’ll stop right there.

12. Nestle


Nestlé has a history of child labor, unethical promotion, pollution, price-fixing, palm oil use, mislabeling, manipulating uneducated mothers- just to mention a few. In 2008, six infants died from kidney damage from a Chinese-made milk product of theirs, and a further 860 babies were hospitalized. They are the world’s largest foodstuff company and some of their products include Cookie Crisp, KitKat, Milkybar, Herta, Nestea, Nescafé, Nespresso, Häagen-Dazs, Mövenpick, Friskies, Purina. They have over 2000 brands, so these are just a drop in the ocean. A boycott was initiated in USA on July 4th 1977, and has been canceled and renewed since then, because of their business practices.

13. Toys“R”Us.

The law firm representing Toys R Us during the bankruptcy apparently got $56 million in fees, while the 33,000 former workers were only getting $2 million to share- after protests, two Toys R Us owners set aside $20 million for the workers. Which still means each will receive about $60. That’s fucked up. Yeah, I know it takes a lot of time and hard work to become a lawyer, but still. I don’t get it. Seems unfair to pay law firms that much, when you’re going bankrupt anyway. If someone can explain this, please go ahead.

14. Nokia.


Who also had a 3310 as a kid, and programmed their own ringtones on it? I remember composing “Where is my mind?” with Pixies on a bus, and a man turned back and looked me in the eyes and firmly asked me to stop. I did.

15. Spotify.


Shamify® on me for not considering the fact that Spotify pays their artist in a shitty way- for example, one of my favorite electronic musicians @mrjonhopkinstweeted back in 2011: “Got paid L8 for 90,000 plays. Fuck Spotify.”

16. Carlsberg. There are 189 calories in a can (15oz / 440ml) of Carlsberg Export Lager. That’s the equivalent of 550g (19.5 oz) of broccoli. Think about it. It might burn some calories, actually- an average person burns around 320 calories a day just from thinking. The brain represents just 2% of a person’s total weight but accounts for 20% of the body’s energy use. Think about that, too.

17. PlayStation

18. Nintendo

19. FIFA


High Roller Ballers ™

20. Samsung

A.k.a “Monday”.

21. Reddit


Sorry @reddit ??

22. Toblerone

23. American Apparel. appall (verb) – to cause someone to be extremely upset or shocked.
American Apparel is known for its overtly sexist ad campaigns, and also has a history of sexual harassment of both models and employees.

24. Deutsche Bank Ok, last one for Deutsche Bank.

25. Victoria’s Secret is known for only hiring super-skinny models, pushing their so-called “angels” to reach unrealistic body ideals by strict diets and intense exercising (twice a day seems to be common). Model @bridgetmalcolm revealed that she was told to “show more ribs” at a photoshoot- probably just one out of many similar examples. This is their “secret”, I guess…


26. Another bank Honest Logo. Are there any banks that don’t have any scandals and shadiness in their history?


27. Pepsi. Remember that Kendall Jenner ad where she transformed a huge gathering of protesters with unclear demands and full-blown police enforcement into a cheerful party? By handing over a Pepsi can to one of the frontline policemen? A can, which she found in a bucket with ice cubes in the middle of the crowd in the street? With the ending taglines “LIVE BOLDER – LIVE LOUDER – LIVE FOR NOW”?
Had to watch it again today for reference- just trying to make sense of the whole thing still hurts my brain. 

28. Amazon. (from Wikipedia): “A September 11, 2018 article exposed poor working conditions for Amazon’s delivery drivers, describing a variety of alleged abuses, including missing wages, lack of overtime pay, favoritism, intimidation, and time constraints that forced them to drive at dangerous speeds and skip meals and bathroom breaks.?
In 2014, a former Amazon employee Kivin Varghese committed hunger strike to change Amazon unfair policies.?
?In November 2016, Amazon employee jumped from the roof of the headquarters office as a result of unfair treatment at work.?
In March 2019, Daily Beast reported the
abnormal level of suicides at Amazon warehouses.?
?In February 2019, Amazon software engineer Oleg Churyumov performed a hunger strike without water against “inhuman” policies of Amazon.”?
There are lots of other things they are responsible for, just google it if you want to know more.



Supersize me.

30. Coca Cola. Shady impery.

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