17 Weirdest Chinese Food EVER!

Everyone loves good food but when in comes to choose what to eat then there are some frontiers were we can go and say stop,we are not eating this..is too weird!

But Chinese apparently don’t know for borders, they break them and do what they like and think is good food for them, that for the majority of people of the world word”strange” is not enough to tell. Here some weirdo Food you probably don’t know and hear about them until now.

1. Freshly alligators on ice

The meat is low fat and with high protein content, so it’s considered as yummy food. Mostly they do “La barbecue”smoked.

2. Hot and Spicy Beef Granules

Imagine reaching into a candy bowl, only to find out you’ve just put a “hot and spicy” beef granule in your mouth? No thanks.

3. Chinese Restaurant serves live fish in their menu

It looks Unreal but it’s true, you can google it on youtube are lots of videos about it.

4. Live SeaFood

Walmarts throughout China have an entire live seafood department, which features tanks upon tanks of live fish, that are available for customers to choose from and not to say that their food is not daily”fresh”.

5. Mini (cucamelon) red Watermelons

6. Animal Eggs

From chickens, quails, and ostrich, to name a few, this Walmart has you covered.

7. Dried Starfish

Well, who in the world eats Starfish? now you know… Patrick star, are you here bro?

Until now is fine, but under those photos are some photos of some “hardcore Chinese food” from their menu that for people with extra-sensitive stomach I don’t recommend looking further.

8. Dried Squid

Squid is eaten in many countries across the world, not just Asiatic countries.

9. Live Frogs

These animals are kept in a tank-like bin, that allow customers to specifically choose which frog they want, and take them home.

10. Live Turtles

These animals are kept in a water tank where they too can be selected and taken home. I doubt they are kept as pets.

11. Shark Heads

You may not expect this,but China it’s big in surprises when it’s comes to food. They even have little sharks for sale.

12. Fox Meat

Walmart China offers fox meat, which customers can purchase and touch with their bare hands.

13. Chicken Feet

Shrink-wrapped chicken feet for sale in a Chinese grocery store.

14. Assorted Frozen Reptile parts

Walmart China sells an assortment of reptile parts, pre-packaged to your liking. From snakes, lizards, frogs and more.

15. Meat flavored water 

Chinese are a fan of flavored waters.“Meat Water”

16. Pig Faces

17. Sausage Bins

Walmart China also offers an array of sausage links in bins throughout its stores. From smaller to larger types of sausage, it’s not common in the U.S. to find your choice of sausage, piled in a mountain.

There are lot’s of other Chinese delicacy weird foods photos we know, but it’s enough of this already and We apologize for any inconvenience now.

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