20 Hilarious Corona Face Protective masks

When something becomes viral or trendy in the whole world, there are some people that try to override that trend and make it completely different then other people to the scale of getting an enormous hilarious funny reaction of other people. Our site has collected some of Walmart’s consumer’s pics for your admiration or little laugh.

#1 The Parking lot cone

Inanimate objects can’t get corona virus. So who’s looking foolish now; you or the parking cone?

#2 Bubble boy

This new generation of parents, am I right?

#3 Social Distancing

Geez Bagel Boss, tone it down a bit. With those stubby arms, someone could still get close enough to give you Coronavirus and not get swung on.

#4 Rainy Day

COVID, COVID, go away, come again another day…wait, that’s not right. Don’t do the second part actually. Just stay away forever.

#5 Give me all your Toilet paper!

How great is it for Armed robber right now? Never been easier.

#6 The Quarantine Emoji

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s doing absolutely nothing for you since it’s got the mesh for breathing but at least you now look like how we’re all feeling right now!

#7 The storage bin

Oh good. Now I can act as I’ll need you and stick you in my attic for 50 years until I inevitably die and my kids have to go through you and figure out who gets what.

#8 Off the Mark

This isn’t horseshoes bud. Close doesn’t cut it. You’re either protected or you’re not. Nobody is awarding points for effort here.

#9 To the Moon

You know what, normally I’d bust balls, but it really does feel like we’re on a totally different planet right now, so proceed with your weirdness.

#10 Down under

I’m not a CDC expert by any means, but aren’t you still just breathing in the same air as you would be without the scuba mask? Basically just a more foolish way to look as you get infected I’m thinking.

#11 Holy Diver

Heading to the only place left on Earth that’s safe. Down where it’s better, down where it’s wetter, under the sea!

#12 MAXI Protection

How much Corona virus protection you want hunny? Regular or Super Max Flow?

#13 I am your Father

Everyone sounds like Darth Vader with those surgical masks on, might as well look the part too right?

#14 Along the Ride

Geez. Toys R Us Geoffrey just doesn’t know what to do with himself. Don’t torture yourself by checking in on your more successful friend. That will just make you more depressed buddy.

#15 Not Today

Miss me with that shit.

#16 I’m a Big Kid now

Sir, I can tell you from first-hand experience, those things are definitely not as leak-proof as you might think.

#17 Corona with lime

This adequately sums up the last few weeks in the world. Be smart, be safe, I’d ask you to stop being so weird but we all know that’s not gonna happen.

# 18 The 1%

Even in the most difficult times, those that have more than others can’t help but unnecessarily show off. I bet she probably got 2 cans of Lysol double holstered too.

#19 Overly Prepared

Hazmat suit or not, Walmart is the last place I’m going if I’m trying to avoid Corona-virus. How many times did I warn all you Outbreak was going to happen? Hate being right.

#20 The naked mile

Like there are people that care for their Health, there are that give null care! We’re going streaking! We’re going up to the quad and through the gymnasium.


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