15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

A cult is a social group that is defined by its unusual religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular personality, object, or goal.1. It has their  Charismatic leader who is the “smartest” one, with his sheep, ups, Followers who repeat his every word having no their personal thoughts and their questions until the death or the truth.

2.Transcendent belief system and Systems of control, and influence that is spread in many categories from eastern, religious, political, racist, or terrorist cults, Psychotherapy, human potential, mass transformational cults, Commercial, multi-marketing cults, New Age cults, Occult, satanic, or black-magic cults, One-on-one or family cults until to …. Modern Cults of personality(example new president, chief in power, etc).

1. Cult of the Spoon ” Oneida “

You may ever have any thoughts… that your old classic silverware of spoons named Oneida, comes and is made from a Cult in America formed in the mid-1800s?

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

Those who know about “Oneida” today associate the name with fine silverware they buy in the shops, yet very few know how it began life as a radical 19th Century religious cult experiment in free-love, whose members believed polyamory was key to the pursuit of immortality.

The Oneida Community was a perfectionist religious communal society founded by John Humphrey Noyes and his followers in 1848 near Oneida, New York. The community believed that Jesus had already returned in AD 70, making it possible for them to bring about Jesus’s millennial kingdom themselves, and be free of sin and perfect in this world, not just in Heaven (a belief called perfectionism). The Oneida Community practiced communalism (in the sense of communal property and possessions), complex marriage, male sexual continence, and mutual criticism.

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

The community lasted until John Humphrey Noyes attempted to pass leadership to his son, Theodore Noyes. This move was unsuccessful because Theodore was an agnostic, Cult was abandoned in 1879 following external pressures and the community soon broke apart, with some of the members reorganizing as a joint-stock company, called Oneida Community Limited selling spoons.

2. Space Cult “Aetherius”

Founded in the mid-1950s by a former British taxi driver, George King who says a voice told him he was to be the earthly representative of an interplanetary parliament.To him, Jesus had arrived in a spacecraft and had “sent power through himself” to Mr. King and into their “holy mountain top” at Holdstone Down. Aetherius is a New Age religion whose belief systems are built around the idea that a series of “Cosmic Masters” (mostly from Venus and Saturn) control the fate of humanity.

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

Additionally, they focus heavily on prayer and “spiritually charging” the Earth to make way for the “Next Master, a messianic figure who will descend to earth in a flying saucer armed with “magic” more powerful than “the combined materialistic might of all the armies.” 

3. The Foot Cult ” Ho No Hana Sanpogyo”

We gonna not talk here about crazy people who “worship”clean, smelly, and dirty feet. This is modern Japanese sect is often referred to as the “foot reading cult” based on the claim that its founder Hogen Fukunaga —who also claimed to be the reincarnation in the same time as both- Jesus Christ & Buddha—could diagnose followers’ problems by simply examining their feet, and that they would die if they weren’t examined appropriately.

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

According to his methods, traits like short toes indicated a short temper, and fat toes meant your life would be filled with good fortune.

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh
FUJINOMIYA, JAPAN ‘Ho no Hana’ cult leader Hogen Fukunaga speaks during a press conference at the headquarters on January 6, 2000, in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan. (Photo by The Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images)

The cult grew and eventually gained 30,000 membersHowever, the whole ruse unraveled when followers fought back against the steep $900 fee he charged for each “inspection.” of feet reading. He was found guilty of conning women (mainly housewives) and was ordered to pay over $1 million dollars in damages. The cult has since changed its name.

4. Chinese Cult “Chen Tao,,

Otherwise known as the True Way Cult, Chen Tao was formed by a former professor who was clearly insane. His beliefs included that the universe is 4.5 trillion years old, our solar system was created by a nuclear war, we each have three souls, and that humanity has been rescued on five different occasions by God descending in a flying saucer.

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

However, the 160-member group essentially disbanded after a failed prophecy in 1998, when founder Hon-Ming Chen predicted God would appear on a single TV channel in North America—whether or not you had cable—at 12:01 a.m. on March 31. Something that not really happened.

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

5. Order Of The Solar Temple

This secret society’s beliefs and activities sect involved a mix of early Christianity, UFOs, New Age philosophy, and Freemason rituals.

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

They were a mostly peaceful organization with some unconventional beliefs (i.e., death is only an illusion and life continues on other planets) until the infant son of one of its members was sacrificed in one of the group’s lodges because he was believed to be the Antichrist.

Shortly after, a number of people in the inner circle committed mass suicide, and others were found mysteriously shot or smothered to death, all dressed in their ceremonial robes... BLAH, WHY SECTS HAPPENS THEY ARE ALWAYS TRAGIC TRAGEDIES, WHY CAN’T THEY JUST 4 ONCE BE COMEDIES? 🙂

6. The Naked Sect! “Freedomites,

The Freedomite movement first appeared in 1902 in Saskatchewan, Canada, and later in the Kootenay and Boundary Districts of British Columbia (BC) as Spiritual Christians.

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh
15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

 After a fracturing of different religious groups who had fled Russia to escape persecution, the Freedomites insist on three different things: communal living, nudity, and anarchy.

They became most famous for their all-nude public demonstrations to show opposition to the material tendencies of society, and in the ’20s and ’30s even burned and bombed a whole slew of public buildings (while naked, of course) to show their disdain for the government. ( I KNOW IT’S GROSS, BUT YEAH IT’s REALITY..)

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

7. Cargo cult “John Frum”

Is it possible that humankind can worship Cargos for the things inside them? 4 real?

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

Yeah, the story of this cult begins on a volcanicisolated Island from the world and originated from the wild natives when they for the first time in their existence saw an American World War II serviceman named John Frum, who is thought to bring Cargos with lots of wealth and prosperity also Yummy food, It originated in the early ’40s when 300,000 American troops were stationed in the area and armed with tons of supplies and related to their mission looked to natives like some superhumans and then ” worshiped like gods”.

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

The troops eventually left along with much of their gear, but the poor followers of John Frum held out hope that they’d return, building symbolic landing strips to encourage other American planes to stop by and bring goods.

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

8. Clone & Ufo sect “Raëlism”

Founded in 1974 by the French race car driver Claude Vorilhon, Raëlism teaches that human life was created intentionally by a bunch of Aliens who later sent messengers in human form to check in on things, including  The Buddha, Jesus of Nazareth, and Muhammad, with Raël himself being the fortieth and final prophet. And then…Aliens will save humanity…

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh
Raëlians promoting their religion on a street in Japan; one is dressed as an alien character mascot.

On the surface, their values are somewhat agreeable, considering they advocate world peace, sharing, democracy, nonviolence, and a liberal view of sexuality—but they most certainly have their strange side. For instance, in the late ’90s, the organization founded a CLONING company and made the bold claim (with zero scientific proof) that they’d actually cloned a human in 2000. But there is a dilemma…

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

9. Cult of Chucky

As we all know, you can’t have a horror hit without spawning several sequels and maybe a spin-off or three.

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

Probably the “cult of Chuckie” would form people who watch too many sequels of his horror movies and nothing else. Actually, this is just a movie from the year 2017 with the story where Chucky returns to terrorize his human victim, Nica. Meanwhile, the killer doll has some scores to settle with his old enemies, with the help of his former wife. SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY A CULT MEMBER WOULD DO, LOL!

10. One Man Cult Leader

Marcus Wesson is a typical weirdo deranged sect leader an American criminal with girlie Haircut convicted of nine counts of first-degree murder and 14 sex crimes, including the rape and molestation of his underage daughters. His victims were his own children, fathered by incestuous relationships with his daughters and nieces, as well as the children by his wife. He has been described as the worst mass murderer of Fresno, California.

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh
Marcus Wesson, V-88811

He homeschooled the children and taught them from his own handwritten Bible that focused on Jesus Christ as a VAMPIRE. He told the children that he was God and had them refer to him as “Master” or “Lord”. He taught the children also to be prepared for Armageddon. 

11. Dinkoism Cult

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

Dinkoism (/ˈdɪnkɔɪzəm/), or the Dinkoist religion, is an Indian parody religion and a social movement that emerged and evolved on social networks organized by independent welfare groups in the Indian state of Kerala. Although adherents describe Dinkoism as a genuine religion, it is described in media as a parody religion.

According to a report in India Today, it was established in 2008 by a group of rationalists with the intention of ridiculing “the absurdity of blind religious faith”. The BBC described Dinkoism in 2016 as an atheist movement.

12. A Medicine Cult “Uni Med”

Universal Medicine (UniMed) (UM) is “a socially harmful cult” founded and led by Serge Benhayon, a former bankrupt tennis coach from New South Wales (NSW) Australia who has no medical qualifications. It sells “Esoteric healing” products, music, publications, workshops, and courses. None of the healing modalities are evidence-based or have been proven effective by scientific research!

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

In December 2018, an NSW jury found Serge to be the leader of a “socially harmful cult” that prays on the wealthy. The NSW Supreme Court jury found him to be a charlatan who indecently touched clients.

13. The Bleach Cult

The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, based out of Bradenton, Florida church pastor, and his three sons who peddled industrial bleach (Miracle Mineral Supplement, MMS) as a Coronavirus “cure” have been permanently barred from distributing the product by a South Florida federal judge.

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

Now, in addition to facing criminal charges for allegedly conspiring to sell the bleach as a false cure, the four men must bear the financial burden of recalling and destroying their purported miracle drug.

 A supposed “miracle cure” for autism is really a kind of industrial bleach, federal prosecutors say, but that hasn’t stopped people claiming to be archbishops of a church from urging desperate parents to use it on their autistic children.
“This is a poison. This is a high-strength industrial bleach,” said Dr. Paul Wang, the senior vice president of Autism Speaks.

14. Sex Cult “NXIVM”

It was an American sex cult that engaged in sex trafficking while claiming to be a multi-level marketing company. Based in Clifton Park, New York, a suburb of Albany, the group claimed to offer personal and professional development seminars through its “Executive Success Programs” of large-group awareness training.

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

 The company has been widely described as a cult and was shown in court to have been a recruiting platform for a secret society called “DOS” in which women were branded and forced into sexual slavery.

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh
FILE – In this Tuesday, May 7, 2019, file courtroom drawing, defendant Keith Raniere, center, leader of the secretive group NXIVM,(Elizabeth Williams via AP, File)

Raniere is accused of running an all-female organization called DOS consisting of “masters,” “slaves,” and Raniere as the “grandmaster” overseeing all of them.

Former DOS slaves including Salzman and Nicole, a young woman who testified she was forced to be blindfolded and receive oral sex as part of her initiation into DOS, testified that “slaves” within DOS be branded with his initials, as well as perform grueling physical labors and stick to restrictive 500-calorie diets. Slaves were also required to submit “collateral,” including embarrassing nude and sexually explicit photos and other compromising materials.

15. Neo-Nazi Cult “The Creativity Movement”

A self-styled religious organization, the Creativity Movement incessantly promotes what it sees as the inherent superiority and “creativity” of the white race — about the only tenets there are to its supposed “theology.” The group was formed in 1973 as the Church of the Creator and was later renamed the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC).

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh

The Creativity Movement was born in Illinois in 1973. Their goal is to “unite white people through a common ‘racial religion’,”. They promote an extremely healthy lifestyle, and believe that what is good for white people is the “highest good.” It’s no surprise that the Souther Poverty Law Center lists this group among Neo-Nazi organizations.

15 Craziest Cults you can Cry or Laugh


WHO KNOWS, MAYBE TODAY YOU MAY SAVE SOME innocent soul… from those CULT evils!
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