14 Worst Photoshop Fails Of All Time

Some people to show them self in front of the public in a better light then they in reality are, go after Photoshop virtual hacks life of their body appearance but in same time instead of public Wow, they receive many laughs.

After watching this pic thousand of times still, I can wonder how
Oprah Winfrey got 3 hands and
Reese Witherspoon legs grew on heir body.

Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon sport extra limbs in apparent editing errors
©Vanity Fair

  • Miley Cyrus photoshop fail
Miley Cyrus Photoshop fail
©miley cyrus photo fail
© Priyanka Chopra’s Armpit PHOTOSHOP fail

The three arm man

The three arm man

Just me and “my girl” together ..

Just me and "my girl" together  photoshop,boy made two pics together in one photo

Very Cool..

boy stick a bodybuilder photo to his body in photo
©Photoshop-epic Fail

enlarging the body in photo to look like bodybuilder
©Another fail


©Double fail

Look at me baby, I am in Paris relying myself on
Eiffel Tower.

Merging his photo with Eiffel tower with his body in the same big size as the tower
©Triple fail

If i can’t have it 4 real, I will have it in my Photoshop

Merging his personal photo close by audi sport car from another photo
©next fail

Indian dreams

Merging only his head into another bodybuilder body from magazine poster

BONUS Photo + Boy who killed a Lion (uups that “tiger”) in Photoshop 🙂

Photo Merging  his body into another picture were is lion animal sleeping and claiming that he has killed that "tiger"


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