13 Strange Everyday Addictions

Yes, people (we) are sometimes strange creations who do strange and weird acts indeed. And- Luckily- those kinds of people are a minority and have to do nothing with the rest majority of us. But anyway there are some addictions good to know what people are doing on lately.

Eating dirt

Geophagy, or the practice of eating dirt, is surprisingly common. Typically experienced by children or pregnant women, it is thought to stem from a mineral deficiency. In the West it is classified as a form of an eating disorder; however, in some countries, it is a common practice.


Working up a sweat is undoubtedly good for you, but for some, it is possible to actually have too much of a good thing. Indeed some addicts are so hooked on the “runner’s high” that it stops being a healthy habit and starts to become a debilitating problem.

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery has exploded in recent years. Indeed there were a whopping 17.5 million procedures in the U.S. alone last year. For some people, it’s a chance to make a positive change to their bodies, but for some addicts, it’s a compulsion that leads them to spend a small fortune on ever more extreme procedures.


It’s one thing to go on the occasional spending spree, but another thing entirely to be addicted to shopping. And yet, according to experts, oniomania, or the compulsion to shop, is an increasingly common blight that affects up to 7% of the adult population.


Our phones have become an integral part of our modern lives. Whether it’s shopping, social media, or simply browsing the internet, we spend hours a day looking at them. But for some people the habit can become an addiction; indeed 40% of the population are thought to suffer from #nomophobia or the fear of being without your phone.


As some people are in fact addicted to love. According to researchers, the addiction stems from chemicals that romantic feelings release into our brains which can cause dependence in extreme scenarios.


Once was the skin drawing of gang members from jail, tattoos now have become commonplace in the modern cultural landscape. But for some aficionados, the desire to get designs indelibly daubed on their skin can become an addiction, leading them to get every inch of their bodies, even their eyeballs, tattooed in the process.

A girl holding a slice of hair

Hair pulling

Trichotillomania, also known as Trich, is a terrible addiction whereby sufferers pull out their own hair… Though it is incredibly rare, this addiction which is rooted in trauma is thought to affect in some form or other between 2% and 5% of the population.


Sufferers of this particular addiction, known in science circles as tanorexia, are bonkers about bronzing. While it may seem weird, it is also incredibly dangerous, as those who are obsessed with soaking up the sun’s rays—or a tanning salon’s substitute—are at a higher risk of contracting skin cancer.

Eating ice

We’ve all chomped down on an ice cube before, but patients suffering from a condition called pagophagia compulsively crave the stuff and have even been known to scrape the buildup off the inside of their freezers to feed their addiction.

Video games

Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed the fears of parents across the globe by adding video game addiction to their list of recognized mental disorders. Known as “Gaming Disorder,” it is only thought to affect a small proportion of the population whose lives are negatively impacted as a result of their compulsion to play on their consoles.

Skin picking

It’s not just hair that people have a habit of picking. Some people also suffer from a condition known as dermatillomania, sufferers of which are known to have a compulsion to pick their own skin.

And lastly, there are many other Extra strange, weird even disturbing human addictions BUT we want to show the last one that is WEIRD & FUNNY…

Sex…with cars

There are many people who are in love with their cars,car brands& fanboys…. and then there are people who love their cars so much they have sex with them. Yes, believe it or not, this is a condition known as mechanophilia, whose sufferers are compelled to have sexual intercourse with their motor vehicles.


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