11 Very Unusual Shaped House Buildings You ever Seen!

If Touring around the world and entering around every street corner in there, you could reveal and see those unusual buildings made to catch our attention and wonder us what drives the owners, to do such Extraordinary houses, maybe just simply to be& look different from others?

Building shaped like a grand piano,is, in fact, the Rajanagarinda Institute, Department of Mental Health.Thailand.

Heliodome at Cosswiller, France.

The Llama House in Peru

House an isolated hill in Portugal’s northern region

Rock face home, Belgium.

Blue windowed home, Belgium.

Teapot Dome, Zillah, Washington, United States.

House on tree in the Naha Harbor in Okinawa, Japan.

Takasugi-an – Tea house Tree house (Chino/ Japan)

“Flat with the ground”House in London, England.

Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

That’s are all interesting places that were interesting for us and got our attention. Hope you liked and enjoyed our post!


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