10 Things Whose True Purpose You Didn’t Know

It happens from to time that we are using some objects in our daily use and we have not enough explored to know them 100% what is they use.

Sometimes there are positive surprises were delightful that we learned something new and useful for us.

1. tiny arrow next to the fuel pump icon on your car’s gas gauge

Well, That little arrow tells you which side of your car the fuel cap is located on.

It’s an especially helpful feature also pretty handy in your day-to-day life if you’re one of those people who can just never remember whenever you pull into a gas station.

2. Bumps On The Keyboard keys

If you trow a deeper look on Pc keyboard keys, especially on F and J buttons, you would realize they have bumps above. These bumps are there to help you correctly place your hands on the keyboard and to identify the keys without having to look down at it time and again.

3. Cover On Microphone

The foam and fur covers on microphones slow down the airflow. This helps to fade so-called “explosive” consonants when someone talks into the microphone.

4. Tread wear indicator bars

Treadwear indicator bars are molded into the tread grooves at regular intervals around the tire to indicate when a tire is worn to its limit of safety.

5. The hole you use to hang your pots

The hole you use to hang your pots and pans can also hold the handle of a spoon.

6. Some screwdrivers are designed to work with wrenches.

Slide the end of the wrench over the screwdriver, and you can get more torque, useful for working with your screwdriver at awkward angles.

7. Some prescription medication bottles can be un-childproofed.

Bottlecap actually has a cool, secret feature built right in, one that could save you time—and even some stress—in the long run. Simply flip the top of the lid around. If the bottle has male threading on the inside, you may be able to screw the cap in upside down, eliminating that annoying lock.

8. Stickers on fruits with numbers

As well as having a bar code the stickers boast a PLU code, or price lookup number, which tells you how the fruit was grown. If there are 4 digits and the first is 4, it means that the fruit has been sprayed with pesticides. If there are 5 digits and the first is 9, the fruit has been grown organically. If there are 5 digits and the first is 8, the fruit has been genetically modified.

9. Hole in the donuts

 In the past, it used to be difficult to get the edges and the middle of a pie equally baked. That is why bakers came up with this shape that didn’t cause any problems.

10. Tic-Tac dispensers have a little groove to dispense one Tic-Tac at a time.

The indentation on the lid of a package of Tic-Tacs is there to serve as a perfect single-Tic-Tac dispenser.


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