10 Grammar Fails ever Made

I empathize with these unlucky writers, though. Typos are inevitable and there’s nothing they can do about the embarrassment.

But these grammar slips below are so Crazy, hilarious some are intentional and shocking beyond funny writings that to the writers should be given the big medal for blindness and 4 no care about the written word! 🙂

1. It’s my name, Clint!

2. Trigger name

3. Well don’t tell me i have not Warned you not going there!

4. If Pen is broken, you can buy new!

5. Message is clear… Don’t chose font that are so near to two letters!

6. It’s REAL!

7. I will be preparing for the Final..FINAL, not anal!

8. Walmart,you too Bro?

9. Don’t write anymore about the pen,please!


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